Google YouTube marraige good for Akamai?

Bought an OCT 45/50 bull call spread on AKAM two weeks back and just today, Google announced an acquisition of YouTube. I wonder if I should be worried.

On the one hand, Google is using Akamai for content delivery and YouTube using Limelight which is being sued by Akamai for patent infringement. On the other hand, Google might actually choose to build its own content delivery infrastructure since video serving is such a broadband hog and Google has the means to do it.


2 Responses to “Google YouTube marraige good for Akamai?”

  1. Paul Meyer Says:

    Since you haven’t posted again and if you held your calls you should be very happy with your results. My mother is definitely with her Google GOOG options.

  2. xcalibus Says:

    Wow.. the price of AKAM dropped drastically towards options expiry, only managed to earn a few hundred bucks.

    I wonder what Google is doing with YouTube, pulling out videos and stuffs… might have something up their sleeves again.

    Congrats on your mum’s GOOG options! Seems like GOOG is on the upswing again. Chances of touching $550 pretty hot now…

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