Akamai to $50 again!

Shares of Akamai were hit hard when they beat estimates and upped guidance for 2007 during the earnings call last Friday.

Guess its time to buy my favorite bull call spread again. The DEC 45/50 bull call spread certainly looks attractive now. Akamai can never stay in one spot for too long and should hit 50 again in no time soon.


2 Responses to “Akamai to $50 again!”

  1. xcalibus Says:

    Akamai hit $50 today – much sooner than expected. However, as I have entered a bull call spread, exiting the position now will only net me a $1.40 gain.

    Had I bought a long call instead, I would have made $3.00

    Although my cost is $1.95 and $1.40 seems like pretty good profits, $3.00 is my target. So go Akamai! Go!

  2. xcalibus Says:

    Guess what? I have exited my DEC 45/50 bull call spread position with a $1.40 gain and rolled up to a DEC 50/55 bull call spread. The way this stock behave over the last 8 trading hours shows lots of bullishness. It should hit $53 very soon.

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