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I love Dreamworks Animations!

November 2, 2006

Gotta celebrate today! Dreamworks shares rose more than 10% to $28.31 after announcing surprise earnings.

My NOV 25 call options rose from $1.2 to $3.2, bagging a 167% return on my investment! Time to buy some Dreamwork DVDs! 🙂

Next quarter’s earnings should be good too, with Flushed Away and Over the Hedge DVD sales to boost earnings.

Part of the reason why I think Dreamworks earnings will continue to grow is because I came across some Madagascar DVDs speaking cantonese and I thought to myself “Wow… the beauty of animations is that it can be translated to any language easily, so the potential to sell their animated flicks to the entire world is enormous! You can easily translate them to indian, arabic..etc”