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A solid investment option that combines retail therapy

April 8, 2007

2006 Gold BuffaloOne way of spending money without spending money is to purchase gold coins – specifically collectible bullion gold coins.

Bullion gold coins offer investors a way to invest in gold in small amounts. These coins are valued by the amount of gold they possess, usually by the ounces.

Sometimes, it feels like I am spending money to save money¬†by doing so… its truly amazing. Saving money becomes so much easier when the act itself appears to be spending money! ūüôā

The image above shows a one ounce 2006 US Gold Bullion coin of the Buffalo series. This is the first 24 karat gold bullion coin minted by the US Mint. Previously, US bullion coins are struck in 22 karat gold.

However, my favorite coins has been the Chinese Panda series of gold bullion coins. I acquired one of the 2006 panda gold coin for $700 last year and now it is worth $790. The 13% gain may not sound very impressive but considering that it is supposed to be a purchase, an expense.

Imagine a TV set you bought for $700 can be sold for $790 after you had used it for a year!